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Emergency Preparedness for the Public

Are You Prepared?

In Vermilion County, we are at risk of tornadoes, earthquakes, floods, pandemics, and other types of emergencies. You and your family need to make sure that you have emergency plans for home, work, or other locations, such as your vehicle.

Emergency Kits

Here are a couple website to go to for a list of what you should have in your Emergency Kits

American Red Cross

Emergency Plans

Here is a good website for Emergency Plans.

Preparing and Responding to Specific Hazards


Anthrax, plague, smallpox…

Chemical Emergencies

Ricin, chlorine, nerve agents…

Radiation Emergencies

Dirty bombs, nuclear blasts, acute radiation syndrome…

Mass Casualties

Explosions, blasts, injuries…

Natural Disasters & Severe Weather

Hurricanes, wildfires, winter weather…

Recent Outbreaks & Incidents

Earthquakes, Salmonella, melamine…