National Public Health Week

Healthiest Nation 2030: Changing Our Future Together

brain covered with two bandagesMonday, April 2: Behavioral Health

Advocate for and promote well-being
Focus on and advocate for improved access to mental and behavioral health services. Use education and training to de-stigmatize mental health diagnoses and encourage people experiencing mental illness to seek treatment. Coverage for mental health services must be on par with physical health services in all health insurance coverage.

Vermilion County just completed the Vermilion County Community Health Plan in 2017.  This was a community wide effort to choose our priorities to focus on for the next 5 years.  Take a look at our IPLAN 2017-2022.

Vermilion County has a Mental Health Initiative Group that meets monthly to address local mental health needs.  For more information and a listing of local Mental Health Resources, visit the Mental Health 708 Board 

germsTuesday, April 3: Communicable Diseases

Learn about ways to prevent disease transmission
Wash your hands. Know your HIV status. Call on employers to support and provide sick leave so sick workers can care for themselves and avoid spreading disease to others. Support comprehensive sexual health education in schools, which can reduce rates of sexually transmitted disease (as well as teen pregnancy). Keep yourself and your families immunized against vaccine-preventable diseases — and get your flu shot!

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Wednesday, April 4: Environmental Health

Help to protect and maintain a healthy planet
Reduce our collective carbon emissions footprint. Transition to renewable energies. Protect our natural resources and use evidence-based policy to protect our air, water and food. Support environmental health efforts that monitor our communities for risks and develop health-promoting interventions. Call for transportation planning that promotes walking, biking and public transit — it not only reduces climate-related emissions, but helps us all stay physically active.

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Thursday, April 5: Injury and Violence Prevention

Learn about the effects of injury and violence on health
Increase funding to programs that reduce and prevent community violence. Advocate for occupational health and safety standards that keep workers safe on the job. Support policies that save those struggling with addiction from a fatal drug overdose. Many injuries are preventable with the appropriate education, policy and safety measures.

Take Back Vermilion County meets monthly to take preventative measures against substance abuse.  For more information about our goals and meetings, please visit our Take Back Vermilion County Page.

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Friday, April 6: Ensuring the Right to Health

Advocate for everyone’s right to a healthy life
Everyone deserves an opportunity to live a life free from preventable disease and disability. The places where we live, learn, work, worship and play should promote our health, not threaten it. That’s why creating the healthiest nation requires a dogged focus on achieving health equity for all.


What Can You Do to Make Vermilion County Better?

1.  Get Involved  – Volunteer for local groups or your church.  Be a leader!

2.  Talk to our Youth – Talk to your children, grandchildren, neighbors, and church youth.  Let them know that they can succeed.  Tell them the importance of being drug and alcohol free.  Let them know that being a parent too early can create unnecessary barriers to their future.  Tell them to take PRIDE in their community and make it better.  You may not think they are listening, but they are!

3.   Inspire – Inspire those around you by eating healthy, exercising, and taking care of your health.

4.  Take Pride –  Don’t litter, plant a garden, and experience Vermilion County’s numerous parks.  The sky is the limit!

5.  Remember – Vermilion County has a lot to offer!