Service Fees

Environmental Health

Water Well Construction Permit: $150.00

Closed Loop Well System Permit: $100.00

Potable Water Analysis associated with a home-loan inspection $75.00

Follow-up Water Analysis associates with a home-loan inspection $35.00

Out-of-state Water Analysis $35.00 

Private Sewage Disposal System Construction and/or Alteration Permit: $200.00

Private Sewage system Survey $200.00

Vermilion County annual sewage contractor/Pumper license $75.00

Vehicle License to Haul Solid Waste & Refuse (per vehicle)  $50.00

Food Service Annual Permit

Class 1A, High Risk: $350.00

Class 1B, Moderate Risk: $275.00

Class 1C, Low Risk: $200.00

Class 1D, Schools: $60.00

Class 1E, Schools (Limited or no food
preparation but serves food) $35.00

        Class 1F Food Panty: $0.00

Class 1G Vending
5 or less machines $50.00 ea.
6 – 15 machines $75.00 ea.
16 – 20 machines $100.00 ea.
>20 $2.00 each additional

Class 2, Seasonal Establishments (open less
than six months) $125.00

        Class 3 Temporary Food Services
Initial event in a calendar year $50.00
Each additional event the same year $15.00

Late fees for renewing annual food service permits after Dec. 15, each calendar year $25.00

Reinstatement fees for Food establishments failing to renew their permits by Dec. 31. each calendar year $50.00

        Floor Plan Review Food Establishment;  New construction $250.00; Remodels $100.00

Rechecks of a Food Service Establishment and a Retail Establishment following a Routine Inspection
                    1st recheck inspection $25.00
                    2nd recheck inspection $50.00
recheck inspection $75.00
                    4th recheck inspection $100.00
                    Any additional inspections $25.00 will be added


Administration Fee for all Vaccine for Children $26.40

TB Test (each test) $24.00

Non VFC (Vaccine for Children) Immunization Fees will be determined on a sliding scale if insurance will not pay or you do not have insurance, otherwise, VCHD will bill your insurance company for the total cost inclusive of administration fee.  

  • Td (Tetanus Booster)
  • Tdap (Tetanus, Diphtheria, and Pertussis)
  • Hepatitis B
  • Pneumonia
  • Shingles
Vital Records

Birth record search and first or initial certified copy is $19.00.  Each additional copy is $8.00.

Death Record Search and first or initial certified copy is $23.00.  Each additional copy, including the state-levied surcharge is $12.00